Dr. Kajal Chaudry, R. Psych. (#2419)

Dr Kajal Chaudry is a Registered Psychologist (B.C. #2419) who has extensive in working with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. Dr Kajal earned her Doctorate in Psychology in the United States and relocated to Vancouver, BC with her family in 2017. She has held positions in both community mental health clinics and private practice, working alongside professionals in the medical and mental health field to provide integrated care to clients.

Dr Kajal’s wok thus far has been dedicate to helping individuals with chronic and persistent mental illness, utilizing a wide range of intervention techniques, often requiring an “out of the box” approach to treatment planning. In particular , Dr Kajal has vast knowledge and background in working with issues related to attachment, complex trauma, interpersonal challenges and multicultural issues. Dr Kajal deeply enjoys providing psychotherapy to children, adults and groups, as she has extensive training in case formulation, treatment planning, assessing and interpreting psychological evaluations. In sessions, Dr Kajal strives to foster an accepting and non-judgemental environment for her clients in order to create a strong therapeutic frame for growth and change. Dr Kajal views families as an emotional unit and strives to create a safe environment in session to address issues related to complex interactions within the unit.

Dr Kajal’s approach to treatment is strongly grounded in utilizing personal strengths through various modalities, including art therapy, creativeness, music, metaphors, mindfulness, and narrative therapy. Furthermore, her interest and appreciation for evidence based treatment modalities and intervention continues to provide an ongoing exploration of important issues. In particular, her areas of interest in research include examination of cross-cultural issues, compassion fatigue, and understanding attachment patterns. She maintains interest in analyzing the effects of stigma on mental health and help-seeking behaviours in both western and non-western communities. Dr Kajal’s aim is to expand her knowledge in cross-cultural studies, as she believes it can serve as a universal ground for understanding symptoms and providing treatment across different societies. She is committed to understanding the worldview of her clients and help them in improving their quality of life with empathy and care.