David Loyst, MSc.

David has been studying and teaching about parenting for over 30 years as a Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Consultant and has been practicing with his own children for more than 20 years. Mr. Loyst noticed that the common behaviourist parenting techniques of consequences and time-outs (that he initially advocated!!) did not work for the children he worked with or for his family. Instead they seemed to cause an increase in anxiety and stress, and a breaking down of relationships, ultimately leading to a shutting down of their social/emotional development. These observations led Mr. Loyst to the study of developmental attachment parenting and the implications for educational environments.

Beyond his professional practice, Mr. Loyst noticed as a parent that he didn’t always implement what he intended. He would catch himself suddenly doing or saying something to his children that he knew was not right. He was inspired by his own challenges to learn about the workings of his mind and how to care for himself so that he could truly lead and care for his children. Over the past 5 years David has continued to do his own inner work. As part of this he is a senior team member of the Work of Gila Golub, where he has supported hundreds of Gila’s clients to transform their personal challenges and create peaceful, loving relationships with their partners and their children.

Mr Loyst is the Co-Director of The Wishing Star alongside Dr Vanessa Lapointe.

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