Parenting 2.0 has evolved from getting children to comply and behave. We now know that when we focus on parenting from the inside out and grow the brains of children, we create the path for children to develop loving relationships, optimal health, and success in endeavours that are meaningful to them … and they will behave. This is Parenting 2.0.

Parents or caregivers who have participated in a Parenting 2.0 course created by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe and Mr. David Loyst, M.Sc. are invited to engage in individual consultation and ongoing parent group support.

Consultations will be provided by David Loyst, M.Sc.  or Dr Vanessa Lapointeand will involve 4 highly focused sessions that will allow Parenting 2.0 alumni to individually apply the concepts of attachment, development, and consciousness to your parenting journey and the growth experiences of your child.

Upon completion of 4 sessions of Parenting 2.0 consultation, and with approval from your facilitator, you will then have access to ongoing support in the form of a Parenting 2.0 weekly group facilitated by David Loyst with occasional involvement of Dr. Vanessa.