Dr. Susan Dhaliwal

Dr. Susan Dhaliwal is a doctor of clinical psychology. At The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic, Susan provides psycho-educational assessment services to children and young adults, and counselling to children, parents and families experiencing a diverse range of emotional and behavioural challenges under the supervision of a registered psychologist.

Along with experience facilitating parent support groups, Susan is skilled in working with clients experiencing a range of issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship challenges, and life transitions. Susan’s training and research includes graduate level study in behavioral neuroscience, with a particular interest in exploring the impact of environment enrichment on healthy development. Her findings have had a significant influence on her approach to therapy and the championing of parents, children, and youth. Susan’s focus always is to deeply understand her clients’ perceptions of the world around them, the dialogue they maintain around these perceptions and how all of this effects the way life is lived. With her kind and compassionate nature, Susan makes every effort to ensure her clients feel safe and comfortable as they move forward with being their best selves.